About Tomo Marjanovic

Tomo Marjanovic is a former law enforcement officer turned entrepreneur. During his law enforcement career, Tomo was awarded the Public Safety Medal of Valor for his exceptional bravery and sacrifice to ensure the safety of others. He applies that level of selflessness and dedication to all of his business ventures.

In 2019, Tomo founded Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic, a premier wellness center and medical clinic that expanded to multiple locations alongside a high-end nutraceutical company, Aspire Rejuvenation Nutraceuticals. Aspire Rejuvenation Clinic specializes in preventive and regenerative medicine solutions through hormone therapy and optimization. In 2022, Tomo accepted the Best Company Award on behalf of Aspire and the innovative treatments offered. Tomo also was a keynote speaker at the event.

In four short years, his clinic has received international recognition, expanded to multiple locations, and shown thousands that alternative health solutions can save your life and help patients thrive without the detrimental effects of aging.

In addition to breaking barriers in the medical field, Tomo hosts a podcast where he dives into thought-provoking conversations with his guests surrounding topics related to mindset, personal and professional development, and health. Tomo continuously proves himself in the business world by building companies like Adler Rennsport, a European specialty shop; diving into the automotive industry with maintenance, repair and aftermarket solutions for mid to high-line vehicles.

Tomo is just getting started as an entrepreneur and thought leader. His knowledge and influence are getting recognized by the likes of Patrick Bet-David, Logan Franklin, Seth Feroce, and more. His expertise in hormone health and business makes him a name to look out for in 2023 as an influential entrepreneur.